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To establish, promote the development, strategically manage and safeguard the rational and sustainable exploitation and utilization of mineral resources for social and economic development.


A model of excellence in sustainable management and utilization of mineral resources.


To ensure reliable, adequate and sustainable exploitation, management and utilization of mineral resources.

Functions Of DGSM

DGSM is a government entity that supervises three Departments which deal with the Geology, Geothermal resources and Mines Development activities. Some of the services provided at DGSM include:

Data Dissemination To Attract Investment In The Country’s Mineral Sector

The Directorate under the Geodata and Geoscience divisions, disseminates geoscientific information to staff and the general public in order to create awareness so as to attract investment in the mineral sector. The information includes; mining, geotechnical, geological, geophysical investigations, mineral statistics, licensing status and so on. We continue to participate in various geoscientific workshops and conferences that provide us with a platform to showcase and share the investment opportunities..
The Directorate has designed comprehensive mineral policies that take it into account the interests of our stakeholders but also protect the public, economy and environment of Uganda.

Licensing And Inspection

The Mining Cadastre tool permits the Mines Department to license mineral rights to potential investors in order to attract revenues for the country and the licensed areas are monitored as required by the laws of Uganda so as to ensure safety in mining on the societies involved, environment and the economy of Uganda.

Mineral Exploration And Development

The Directorate carries out investigations on mineral targets and prospects for new discoveries for investment opportunities. This involves collection of rocks to note their types, colors, textures, structures and other formations as all these can guide on mineral occurrences.

Geothermal Resource Development

From the identified hot springs in the country, the Directorate under the geothermal resource department carries out mapping of geothermal energy source which if found, shall contribute to Uganda’s existing energy mix.

Institution Development And Capacity Building

The Directorate is run by a group of competent staff who continue to build their capacities all over the world to meet the required skills in the dynamic world. The Directorate also provides training and internship to the public and students in fields of geological mapping, geophysical investigations and other activities.

Geophysics And Seismic Facilities

Under the Geophysics division, the Directorate under the DCIUNIN project is putting up infrastructure for monitoring and mapping of Geohazards like lightening in the country using infrasound technology and this shall contribute towards the National Disaster Risk Atlas of Uganda that is currently being developed by the Office of the Prime Minister

Laboratory Services

Our well-equipped Laboratory offer services like Petrology laboratory services, Mineral Dressing Laboratories and the Analytical Laboratory services..