Mourning The Death Of Mr. Kiggwe Richard, Geologist

On 21st March 2022, we experienced a grave loss when our team undertaking geochemical surveys at Rupa, Lokisilei village fell into an ambush of castle rustlers who killed 5 people including our own Mr. Kiggwe Richard, the lead Geologist of the group. The incident happened during the ground follow-up of the recently concluded airborne survey […]

DGSM Staff Training on analytical fingerprint method

DGSM staff undertook a one-day training workshop on Analytical finger printing method today the 30th November 2021at Imperial Golf View Hotel, Entebbe The training aims at preparing key staff on mineral tracking using AFP and it focuses on the “Designated Minerals”: Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum and Gold (3TGs). Once in place, the technique is expected to […]