Geology Survey Department (GSD)
  • To establishment of the mineral potential of the country
  • To collect and update existing geological data.
  • To monitor geo-tectonic events, geohazards and offer technical advisory services for sustainable infrastructural development and safety.
  • To carry out geotechnical and geohazard investigations to plan for and mitigate disasters.
  • To identify, qualify and recommend geosites and geoparks for gazzetting .
  • To catalogue and store geological samples for future reference.
  • To promote and conduct research for innovation in the mineral sub-sector.
  • To train and support the development of human resource in geological mapping and exploration activities.
  • To offer sample preparation services to prepare samples for analysis
  • To offer laboratory testing of geological materials, mineral and mineral commodities, and environment samples to identify the composition of the earth.
  • To operate and maintain regional training and mineral beneficiation centers to support in country mineral value addition.
  • To study optical and physical properties to provide services towards mineral appraisal, valuation and grading.
  • To conduct Geophysical Investigations for Mineral development and related earth resources development.
  • To update and maintain a geophysical and seismic database.
  • To disseminate airborne and ground geophysical data and seismic data.
  • To establish and maintain seismic stations and seismic monitoring network.
  • To conduct active and passive seismic surveys for geotechnical investigations.
  • To train and support the development of human resource geophysics.
  • To acquire, process and disseminate geoscientific information to various stakeholders.
  • To establish and maintain a centralized geoscientific database for data storage, back up and recovery.
  • To prepare and produce various geoscientific maps and illustrations for research and promotion of the mineral sub-sector.
  • To promote the mineral sector of Uganda locally and internationally to attract investment.
  • To provide reprography services for distribution and preservation of mineral information archives digitally and physically.
  • To update the geochemical atlas
  • To identify and create a visual hierarchy of geosites and geoparks for education purposes and future scientific reference.
  • To establish and maintain a geological museum to preserve geo-historical, geo-antiquities and create awareness of rocks and minerals and geological equipment.
  • To formulate policies and legal framework that governs mineral rights
    application and operations.
  • To receive and capture minerals rights applications using the Mining cadastre system.
  • To recommend grant or reject of application.
  • To maintain and update the mineral Cadastre portal with new information related to licensing
  • To conduct validation and technical evaluation of received mineral
    applications to advise on grant or reject of application.
  • To conduct quarterly performance appraisal of licensed operations to advise on revocation or cancellation of the issued license.
  • To manage the technical documentation within the Mines Department.
  • To identify greenfields and/ or brownfields in mining using spatial data.
  • To design, coordinate and implement M&E framework of Mines Department
  • Monitoring and inspection of mining operations to emphasize compliance.
  • To collect and review data quality on mining to measure achievements against set goals.
  • Community sensitization on issues related to gender, health and safety in mining operations
  • Training of artisanal miners in sustainable mining and mineral value addition.
  • To establish and publish mineral trading centres


More Details: The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR)
Mines Department
Geothermal Department
  • To establish the geothermal potential of Uganda
  • To promote and facilitate the effective and efficient management and the development of geothermal resources.
  • To support regulatory administration and supervision over all geothermal exploration and exploitation operations.
  • To maintain the geothermal resource database.
  • To offer advisory services on other geothermal uses.